wonderful experience

Hi Ashwini

It was really nice knowing you as a person and a teacher. U have amazing skills and talent. The one quality I really loved was you were so patient and smiling even after a day’s hard work…. U are an amazing Cake Decorator. It was a wonderful experience and would love to learn more from you in future also!!

Deepika Garg

Excellent class!

Very nicely explained! Ashwini is an awesome tutor! I didn’t knew online learning can be so much of fun!!!

Ashima Gupta

We ordered fresh strawberry cake with fluffy white chocolate icing and oh boy it was the best cake we have had in long time.
Thank you so much for awesome decorations and great service.


Minoti K

Bean Paste Class – can’t speak highly enough of this course

I enrolled for the bean paste class to learn about the new medium, but I left with vastly more information.
Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Ashwini’s willingness to share all her knowledge about this new medium was invaluable. She has a calm and understandable method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course. Thank you Ashwini for this session.

Sowmya Karthigeyan

One of the best virtual hands on sessions I had for sugar flowers!

Online learning with The dream cakes is such a fine balance between pre set videos for reference and a virtual live hands on session with of the best international Sugar artists. With no experience on working with buds tapes and wires, I was pleasantly surprised how Ashwini made it so easy for me to understand the anatomy of the flower and handle the tools with ease.. the deceptively natural looking handmade sugar flowers are a testimony of her skill and expertise.
I highly recommend Ashwini Sarabhai for anyone looking to master the art of sugar flowers and look forward to learning more from her in the future

Harshada Sandhan
Angel Delicacies

Thank you so much ashwini

Thank you so much ashwini mam. The class was very detailed and interactive session. You cleared all our doubts. My fear to stack whipped cream cakes got solved. Got courage to try out. Looking forward to learn from you more.


Gorgeous and Delicious wedding cake

Thank you so much for the gorgeous and delicious wedding cake. All of our guests have really liked the cake. The peacock and flowers were perfectly delivered onto the cake. We truly appreciate your passion and dedication in making our wedding cake more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You are extremely talented and we thank you for the time you invested to make our day more memorable. Thank you for all the comfort and understanding you have extended. Thank you for making the event more memorable with your help.


Narmada YPS

Maiden experience , highly Recommended !!

It was a dream come true to take my first online workshop from a renowned cake artist. The virtual demo class was almost real. Besides being cost effective and convenient, the workshop was highly interactive. Many thanks Ashwini for your innovative way of teaching….look forward to many more such opportunities in future!!

Anuja Kalsi
Sweet Reasons by Anuja

Canna Lily

This is a fantastic class this is the 3rd I have gotten from her and I will be getting more. She explains every detail.

Lee Richardson

Best tutorial from the comfort of your home

The best feature of Ashwini’ classes is that you do not feel that you are in remote session. You have the benefit of being part of the class while being in your home. The online sessions are so live and real. Her ability to handle and clarify each of the queries is quite Amazing. In short she is coach not an instructor

Basabdatta Baidya

Wonderful gift for Women’s Day

I enrolled for Women’s Day class. It was wonderful experience to learn with Ashwani ma’am. She shared all tip n technique with very simple n minimal tools. Thanks alot Ashwani ma’am

Nagma khan
Cookie Jar By NK

I now have a new favourite baker!

I now have a new favourite baker!
Thanks a lot Ashwini for the effort you have put in to design the cake compiling my taste and requirements.
I have never seen nor had a piece of cake as good as this. This cake for sure is a masterpiece in terms of taste, quality, design and appearance.
The time we spent in discussing about the design of the cake surely paid off. It was a sheer treat to the eyes. The taste just melted away our hearts and taste buds.
It was really a pleasure. Looking forward for many such occasions to come that would be graced by your work.

Hema Syamala Yerneni

The best cakes I have ever had!

The best cakes I have ever had!
I have ordered cakes from here when I was in India and trust me every cake I have had is a ‘dream cake’. I have tried the chocolate truffle and butter scotch cakes and they were truly the best cakes I have ever had.

I am super glad to see The Dream cakes opening in US. Highly recommended 😊

Ashish Shinde

Thanks a ton for making my son’s day!!

Thanks a ton for making my son’s day!! He and his brother enjoyed not only admiring the cake and eating it but also playing with various animals. It was my pleasure to meet you and discuss the idea….and see it come to reality and make a new friend in the process.

Nimisha Agarwal

Thank you!!!

Thank you Ashwini for the most wonderful learning experience… It was a joy to learn making the Dahlia from you.. You are an epitome of patience, positivity a encouragement…..I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing class..

Preethi Ramakrishnan

An excellent teacher and an amazing class

An excellent teacher and an amazing class it was..i am very happy to have learnt from wishes always

(Feedback for Eggless Buttercream 101 class)


Wonder ShineLine

I happened to use the newly launched product ShineLine by Ashwini in collaboration with Sugarin. The product is more than you can ask for and I am wondering, why didn’t I think of using it earlier. If you have to write directly on the cake or draw something, it’s really simple, just open the tube, squeeze it and and start using it. No mixing, no left overs, no wastage of product or time. I only have golden colour with me now, but can’t wait to order the other colours. Thank you so much Ashwini for the wonderful product.

Nasima Singh
Desi Firangi

Class with every penny

I have attended 2 online classes. Despite of online class Ashwani was making sure each one of us get equal attention and our doubt clear. Her teaching skills are amazing. She make it looks so simple. Thanks a lot ❤????

Aaisha sumbul

A dream teacher

Learning anything and everything is a dream treat from Ashwini Sarabhai.Detailed instructions,patience and a sweet mark of Ashwini.What an artist❤️????.i will rate u a 5 ?

Purnima Samson
The Baker's Table

It was an amazing experience learning from Ashwini, you explained so well

It was an amazing experience learning from Ashwini, you explained so well ,,
It was my 1st online class which I have attended and it was amazing.
waiting for more such sessions with you .

Preeti Agarwal

(Feedback for Eggless Buttercream 101 class)

Preeti Agarwal

Very information and detailed classes

I attended 6 classes so far and each class is so detailed and informative. Ashwini ma’am imparts all her knowledge unconditionally. Would highly recommend her classes to all.


Super woman….

Had come across Ashwini ‘s class through online search and what a blessing to be a part of her class. She’s so talented and answers everyones queries so patiently during the class.. She’s a gem of a person and truly a very lovely person who shares her knowledge with all without any hesitation. God bless.


Great stuff!

Had a great opportunity to try the cakes, and they didnt disappoint! done with passion and love. worth a try!

Jasmine Chong

I came to know about

I came to know about Ashwini’s online class through a bakers group. Her class stood apart from other classes which I attended in terms of so many things. She is a very down to earth person inspite of with all her accolades . she is very patient and ready to explain even the minute details. Will definitely try to attend her classes in future

Archana Krishnan
kitchen folklore

I m so glad I attended the online workshop for fresh cream cake stacking.

I m so glad I attended the online workshop for fresh cream cake stacking. Ashwini Sarabhai , you are truly an amazing teacher. Considering that all my learning had been through books n you tube videos, this one came as a blessing for me, all my queries were so well answered n doubts cleared. In fact I really didn’t have to ask too many questions as her knoweledge is emence n she shared every bit of it! Thank you so much n really looking forward for more such workshops from you!

Shaira Mehdi

Course was amazing, well described

Course was amazing, well was my dream which comes true through this online course.

(Feedback for Eggless Buttercream 101 class)


Very informative session

Thank u so much Ashwini. It was very much informative session. My main problem staking finished tier got solved. Now onwards my work will be more better.

Shivani Mehta

Canna lily workshop

I took the online canna lily workshop. It was so well organise, easy to adapt techniques. All our questions were answered patiently. Would love to learn more.

Viha Gupa