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Self-Rising flour

Self-Rising Flour

Self-Rising flour is flour with the baking powder and salt already added.

It is usually a lower-protein flour than all-purpose flour (Maida). Hence it typically makes more tender and lighter cakes and cookies. But incase you do not have Self Rising flour on hand, you can easily substitute it with All Purpose flour + baking powder + salt. Because of the change in protein content, you may find that baked goods come out a bit less tender than store bought Self-Rising flour but it is hardly noticeable by most.

Simply sift together the three ingredients and you are all set!
If made in advance, store in airtight container and place in a cool dry place.


Testing Leaveners

What happened to my Cake? A very common question that comes up for all of us at some point or the other. Here is a basic tip to follow before we begin to bake a cake.

Leaveners not only help the cake to rise but also help get its soft and even texture. Using it in the right way and quantity is very important.
Always test for their freshness. If not good and fresh, the cake may not rise or could get dense/tough too.

Hope this helps!


Sugar Flowers: Wire Guages

Tuesday Tip - know your floral wire gauges (thickness). An easy way to remember the numbers and usage.

Crumb Coat

A crumbcoat is the first layer of icing — it is an extremely important step in decorating a cake... So here we have few tips for you before you start working with crumb coat...

Ingredients at room temperature

Baking a cake is not a daunting task, but the method you apply can show your baking skills. Here is this week's tuesday tip!!

Quick Measurement Referance

Here are some handy measurement references. Once you know these well, it gets much easier while #baking!

Edible Glue

Make edible glue at home easily and quickly! This glue makes a strong adhesive for attaching fondant/gumpaste decorations to each other and to cakes.

Watch a free video to make this glue on our website

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Quick Pan Grease

Release your cakes with ease, no more cake sticking to the pan. No more dusting. Make this quick pan grease, use as required and store the remaining in the refrigerator for the next cake. I’ve been using this for many years now and it works perfect each time! Makes greasing any shape cake pans very easy and saves on time.

Cake photo courtesy : @thechokoladefantasie
Thank you Jignya 🙂


Petal Dust Vs Luster Dust

Often there is confusion between the different types of dust used for cake decorating.
This week we have covered Petal Dust & Luster Dust.

Prevent ChocoChips/ nuts from sinking in batter

Many of you have this question how to prevent choco chips/ nuts from sinking in
cake batter...
Here is your tuesday tip: toss the chocolate chips or nuts in a little bit of flour before adding to cake batter...!!

Repair Cracks/ Tears on Fondant - ``Gunge``

Gunge - A quick and easy way to repair cracks/tears on fondant. May it be a cake covered with fondant or any other decorative element, this method has always worked for me. Be sure to apply this paste (gunge) while the fondant is still #fresh on the #cake. Once it ages, the color may change slightly...

Easy Veiners

If you work on #Sugarflowers, this tip will be very handy for you! Many times it’s difficult to find the exact veiner, especially for long leaves. #CornHusks provide a fantastic solution!! They are easy and economical to get and last long! I’ve had mine stored for years and they give perfect veining for #leaves and any #petals that need straight line veins.
Do try out and let me know how it worked out for you ????

Why Vanilla?

When egg is used for baking, it is important to remove it's smell. Here is your this #week #tuesdaytip for the same!!

What is Shortening?

Vegetable shortening is vegetable oil that has gone through the process of hydrogenation, which turns it into a solid...

Check your Oven Temperature

Are the settings accurate? How stable is the oven after it gets to your setting? To make sure your oven is calibrated accurately, here is a useful tip...

Disco / Sparkle Dust

Disco / Sparkle dusts - These are perfect for the glitter and glam cake decorations and themes.
Definitely check on the product label if they mention edible or only non-toxic to know if they can be consumed.

Difference in Vanilla Extract and Essence

Though they are often mistaken for being the same thing, #vanillaessence and #vanillaextract actually have significant differences that affect the ways in which they can be used, their nutritional value, and the flavor that they create.

Here is your this #week #tuesdaytip for the same!!


How to store a cake in refrigerator

When properly stored, a cake can stay fresh on the counter or in the fridge...
So here is your #Tuesdaytip to store the cake..????

Dusting Pans for Chocolate Cakes

A very handy tip while baking chocolate cakes. I’ve been working this way for years now.

Renew Drying Fondant/Gumpaste

Many times I’ve had #fondant/#gumpaste which had started to dry out and was difficult to roll. I’ve followed this #tip each time and it’s always worked wonders for me!! But be sure to keep the #dough only for 5 seconds at a time, not more!
Do try and don't forget to #tagus in posts while using our #tips also let us know how it worked for you!!

Chill your Cakes

Here is the Tuesday Tip, Chill your cakes before Torting. It helps to contain the crumbs.

Renew Dried Gel Colours

Tuesday Tip: Renew Dried Gel Colours by Adding Glycerin